"For the Love of the Land"
Giving Mother Nature A Helping Hand

Since entering the Vegetative Recycling industry in 1972, S. Rotondi & Sons, Inc has continued to pride itself in providing the highest quality landscape materials throughout northern New Jersey. We constantly monitor our products through a program of strict attention to quality control of incoming materials, rigorous application of field decomposition methods, proper aging and frequent laboratory analysis. This allows our company to supply premium materials at the wholesale rates. Likewise, our relationships with our municipal customers are based upon honest pricing, frequent communication, and the ability to remove yard waste promptly and efficiently. Whether you’re a municipality, professional landscaper, commercial nursery, general contractor, or private homeowner; S. Rotondi & Sons can and will provide the materials and services you need.

‘To help mother nature recycle organic waste and transform it into a valuable commodity that’s beneficial by replenishing critical nutrients essential for a healthy Earth.’